Portable Server For MySQL/Apache/PHP | Updated For 2022

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Portable Server For MySQL/Apache/PHP | Updated For 2022

Beitragvon Baddy » Mi 10. Aug 2022, 13:46

Hello everyone,

I was bored and had some extra time this morning, so I decided to update the old portable server for MySQL/Apache/PHP that a lot of people have used for the better part of the last decade. It was extremally outdated, and trinity core for example no longer supports that version of MySQL. This of course can be used for a lot of things for a quick and easy web server setup, even outside of wow emulation.

Apache Version: 2.4.53
PHP Version 8.1.6
MySQL Version: 8.0.30

I have bug tested this, and resolved quite a few bugs during the upgrade. But please reply to this thread or shoot me a PM if you encounter any issues.

MySQL Login Information:
Username: root
Password: ascent

Download: _Server
Credit by: PrivateDonut to ACweb

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